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“Lucy’s Pension” is located in the village’s central square, just a few steps from the shops and tavernas, while the beach is only 5 minutes by foot. It started its operation in 1987 and has been renovated in 2011. The owner Antonaki Maria Lucia (Lucy), ms four languages (English, French, Italian, Turkish). For many years has been committed to provide good service and honest and unpretentious hospitality tone, creating customers a climate of trust and intimacy. Plan your vacation at “Lucy’s Pension” and enjoy the famous traditional Cretan family hospitality!!

Lucy's Pension is approved by Greek Tourism Organization with license number: 1041K112K2691301.

In detail

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  • Studio/Apartment

    Studio/Apartment Spacious balconies, with views of the Aegean or the garden. See more...

  • Maisonette with garden view

    Maisonette with garden view Maisonette fully equipped with garden. See more...

  • Maisonette with sea view

    Maisonette with sea view Maisonette with patio furniture and an outside shower. See more...

Description of Lucy's Pension

“Lucy’s Pension” is situated in the picturesque village Panormo.

It has 4 studios and 1 appartment, fully furnished with private bathroom, 2 or 4 beds, television and a fully equipped kitchenette.
The studios and the apartment have a spacious balcony, with views of the ocean or the garden.
“Lucy’s  Pension” has also two maisonettes that can accommodate up to four guests each.

The first maisonette has on the lower floor a living room/dining room with two sofa beds, television, a fully equipped kitchen, WC, and a balcony with a garden view. An internal wooden staircase leads to the second floor where the master bedroom is located with its own bathroom/WC.

The second maisonette has on the lower floor the master bedroom with its own bathroom/WC. An internal wooden staircase leads to the second floor to the living room/dining room with two sofa beds, television, a fully equipped kitchen and WC. Coming out from the living room, there is a large veranda-patio, partially roofed with a magnificent view of the ocean and the nearby village. The veranda-patio has sun beds, patio furniture and an outside shower.

Tourist GUIDE DU ROUTARD guides, LE PETIT FUTE, LONELY PLANET, ROUGH GUIDE, the "LUCY'S PENSION" and "VILLA ANDREAS" referred to as "the place that combines hospitality, excellent service and Cretan tradition in the best possible way!”
All studios, apartments  as well as the maisonettes, are fully air conditioned.
“Lucy’s  Pension” is located in the village’s central square, just a few steps from the shops and tavernas, while the beach is only 5 minutes by foot.

Plan your vacation at “Lucy’s  Pension” and enjoy the famous traditional Cretan family hospitality!!

Amenities of Lucy's Pension

  Studios Apartment Maisonette with Sea View Maisonette With Garden View
Garden 1 Studios No No Yes
Air Conditioner Yes Yes Yes Yes
WiFi Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pool No No No No
Balconies 3 Studios Yes Yes Yes
View Yes Yes Sea View Garden View
Parking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Smoking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Beds 2 Singles


1 Double (Extra 2 Singles) 1 Double (Extra 2 Singles)
Childrens Yes Yes Yes Yes
Children's Accessories Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pets No No No No
Fully Equipped Kitchen Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fully Equipped Bathroom Yes Yes Yes Yes
Library No No Yes No
Washing & Dryer machine No No No No
Satellite/Cable TV - Dvd player Yes Yes Yes Yes
Terrace No No Yes No
Cleaning Twice a Week



Useful distances from the property to places of interest

Panormo Beach (150m)

Panormo is located about 20km east of Rethymno, in the province of Mylopotamos. It is a quiet resort, which has grown strongly in recent years, without losing its traditional form.

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Shopping (50m)

In the heart of the village there are shops and shops for souvenirs and shopping.

Rethymno (22km)

The renaissance city of Rethymno. A historic location where you may find many museums, food and entertainment. Click here to get directions.

Heraklion Airport (56km)

Heraklion airport "Nikos Kazantzakis", is the second busiest airport in Greece. It tooks its name from the famous author Nikos Kazantzakis and is 4km from the center of the city at alikarnassos.

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Plakias (55km)

Plakias is located in southern Crete, about 30 minutes' drive or 35 km south of Rethymnon. The houses of Plakias hug a large crescent-shaped bay, with most buildings near the small harbour.

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Arkadi Monastery (22 km)

Arkadi Monatery is perhaps the best known monastery on Crete due to the Holocaust of 1866. However, its location and impressive architecture make it all the more special.


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Skinaria (53km)

Schinaria is a bay with a sandy beach on the south coast of the Greek Mediterranean island of Crete. It is located in the municipality of Agios Vasilios of the regional district Rethymno, about 3.5 kilometers southeast of Plakias, the seat of the Municipality of Finikas.

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Bali (13km)

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Matala (90km)

Matala is a small seaside village and a famous beach of southern Crete in Heraklion. It's position is on the west coast of Pyrgiotisis province

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Damnoni (54km)

Very close to Plakias, following the road eastwards, is found the beach of Phoinikas (Palms) or the Pirates’ Fjord.

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The Venetian city of Rethymnon, Crete.

Rethymnon... a place blessed with beauty, embraced by breathtaking mountains and the deep blue of the Mediterranean, decorated with renaissance colors and inhabited by people known for their hospitality, honoring their ancestors and traditions. It is a place one falls in love at first sight and visitors are able to feel the positive vibes of the city from the very first moment, making them feel at home. Rethymnon offers the demanding traveler a variety of activities as well as many experiences related to the history, culture and natural environment of the region. A natural environment of rare beauty, a variety of picturesque routes to follow in the city, countless kilometers of coastline, beautiful beaches and a vibrant historical and cultural tradition, are some of the unique experiences available to travelers, introducing them to the Cretan spirit and lifestyle.


Panormo is a beautiful seaside resort, overlooking the Cretan Sea. Belongs in Rethymno Prefecture, where the capital of at Rethymno is a small town that retains strong medieval - Renaissance color. The old but beautifully preserved historic center of the city is under the walls of the Sleepless watchdog, the Venetian castle Fortezza. The coastal area of Rethymnon with its very beautiful sandy beach and the crystal clear sea, the Venetian harbor, picturesque streets, and open-hearted people, offer generous hospitality background with historical monuments and the endless blue of the Cretan Sea. There are many local attractions including the famous Loggia of Rethymno, the Church of Our Lady of the Angels, the Church of St. Francis, the Fountain Rimondi, the Cathedral etc. There are also many Turkish buildings, such as the Neratze mosque, the largest in the city, the mosque Kara Moussa Passa where Byzantine Antiquities headquarters and the Turkish school.
Panormo is the most central part of the island of Crete and from here visitors can visit the whole island. It is just 56 km from Heraklion, 22 km from Rethymno and 30 km from Anogia. Panormo has supermarkets, taverns, restaurants and cafes, offering its guests moments of relaxation. With the hospitality of Crete and the traditional character, Panormo ensures a memorable visit featuring impressions of Crete that will remain in the minds of all the visitors!

Arkadi Monastery

A historic monastery

The Arkadi Monastery is an Eastern Orthodox monastery, situated on a fertile plateau 23 km (14 mi) to the southeast of Rethymnon on the island of Crete in Greece. The current catholicon (church) dates back to the 16th century and is marked by the influence of the Renaissance. This influence is visible in the architecture, which mixes both Roman and baroque elements. As early as the 16th century, the monastery was a place for science and art and had a school and a rich library. Situated on a plateau, the monastery is well fortified, being surrounded by a thick and high wall. The monastery played an active role in the Cretan resistance of Ottoman rule during the Cretan revolt of 1866. 943 Greeks, mostly women and children, sought refuge in the monastery. After three days of battle and under orders from the hegumen of the monastery, the Cretans blew up barrels of gunpowder, choosing to sacrifice themselves rather than surrender. The monastery became a national sanctuary in honor of the Cretan resistance. 8 November is a day of commemorative parties in Arkadi and Rethymno. The explosion did not end the Cretan insurrection, but it attracted the attention of the rest of the world.

Contact details

Panormo, Mylopotamou,
Rethymno, 74057
T.+30 6976241414
T.+30 2834051212

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